Universal love is harmony

Love can be “made” conditional, but universal love is unconditional. It is sustainable, balanced, and resilient, withstanding and overcoming all challenge to its power, resolving it to an outcome with greater harmony.

Universal love is the unmistakable joy radiating from within when, no matter who you are, you experience something that stirs your soul and expands your heart.

It is the deepest essence of truth, provoking a feeling so pure that, even as it confronts your views or challenges your beliefs, you know in your core not to argue with it.

It is the idea that broadens your understanding of the world, and gives you the courage and strength to broaden your understanding of you.

It is the inclusion of all in one’s belief for a better world, and understanding such a world is not merely possible, but truly inevitable.

It is the current that runs deep within each of us, reminding us that we are all one at the heart of this existence we call life; connected and interconnected to the societies and ecologies around us.

And universal love is universal, in that its properties are found across the stars.

We can be universal love.

Photo credit: Greg Rakozy