What is Love First?

Hello, and: Welcome everyone! Love First is a way of being, with a shared identity that connects the people building a brighter, lasting future for all of us: a world made with love, first.

Love First: something exciting that I Want To Convince You of.

What is Going Love First?

“Going Love First” is:

  • an unanswered question, for now. Sorry. (Truly.)

What is Going on with Love First?

Love First has been in multidimensional development for 2.4.27 cycles (give or take a day).

All iterations prior to Reboot are currently considered Legacy: alpha and beta tests with limited release.

Love First is

Love First is an idea. Like a seed, this idea can grow into a sapling and, with the right support, become a little tree: strong enough to stand on its own, slowly breathing life into our world. With enough time and nourishment, given enough love, this idea can grow new branches of its story, opening up new realms of possibility.

Realms, some of which we’ve yet to see discovered:

These are some of the things that Love First can become. But only with your support on Patreon.


         Hello, and welcome!

The remainder is still being written.

One’s not quite ready to publish it yet.

Thank you for your patience.

We love you.